The Dirty Rules on Becoming Successful With Women

Know the Game

Alphas don’t play games.  They already have the game figured out. Do you?

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Females BEWARE!

Ladies, if you happen to be reading this sentence right now, you’re about to embark on the male journey to becoming successful with women.  Females BEWARE!  Continue reading “Females BEWARE!”

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Best. Pick-up line. Ever.

These are in fact my two favorite holidays. Ironic!  Check it out below

Date Like a Champion

Disclaimer: Credit on this goes to the handsome man who said this on our date last night, kuddos baby!

“If your left leg was named Christmas and your right leg was named Thanksgiving, could I come see you between the holidays?”

Clearly we are going to continue to date with awesome lines like this.

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65/35 Rule


When the sex is bad with a woman, Continue reading “65/35 Rule”

The Dangle

The Dick Grabbing….. Continue reading “The Dangle”

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