Ladies, if you happen to be reading this sentence right now, you’re about to embark on the male journey to becoming successful with women.  Females BEWARE!  This book isn’t for the sensitive hearted and may offend the conservative folk.  This will cover all the areas to point my brotherhood in the right direction to go whichever way they chose.  Everything between getting the courage to talk to a woman, flirting, sex, one-night stands, dating, getting the girl you deserve, getting the relationship you deserve and being able to keep them around.  If anything, you females secretly want this in a man, subconsciously.  It’ll seem unheard of, uncalled for, but it all boils down to the fact that this will be the man you marry. Unless you want the really nice guy that is timid in the sack and afraid to lift up your leg.  Now that’s no fun for anyone! Or maybe you want the really nice guy that sits around and waits for your calls, while you’re out having fun with an Alpha getting swept off your feet.  So I WARN YOU, if you want to embark on this journey with us, be ready for some raw, kinky, douchey, nasty, cold-hearted truth that all men do think and I am just the one vocalizing it.  Maybe it will give you some insight, which is never a bad thing.  So hold on to your tits and let’s go!