When the sex is bad with a woman, some of the time it’s on the guy. Maybe he was uncoordinated, didn’t have good rhythm or maybe his boys fired off before he was ready to pull the trigger. Regardless of the outcome, an Alpha chalks it up to a learning experience and wants to improve in his future endeavors. Good word of mouth will have more women attracted to you and more women wanting to test out your ride. You got to approach every sexual experience with every vagina as if it could be your last. You can’t settle for mediocre or you’ll be labeled as mediocre. If you give a woman the best sex of her life, she’ll never want to leave you. They’ll always come back for more and want something more. An alpha knows that and wants to give the woman the best experience possible, every time.

There are exceptions to this rule. It’s not always dependent on the male for the sex to be great. Sometimes you just get a bad egg. If the woman isn’t flexible, isn’t willing to try certain positions or just flat out is boring in the sack, than I give you full permission to put the blame on her for the sex being bad. If the man controls 65% of what happens in the bedroom and the woman gives a full 35% than I feel as though the sex will keep you both coming back for more.

35% =    – A lick or two on the penis from her

-A non-aggressive stroking of the penis by her

-A willingness to get spanked

-Flexibility (the only thing that should be stiff is your penis)

 -Being vocal (dirty talk, subtle moaning, “Your cock is so smooth”, etc.)

-Willingness to change positions (doggy style, reverse cowgirl, etc.)

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    The female plays a large part within the bedroom as well and can easily make the sex go from good to great or from great to mediocre.   If any of this attributes fall vacant in the bedroom on the females part then maybe she didn’t give YOU the best sex YOU could have. Other than these attributes, the male should take care of the rest with no opposition regarding foreplay, changing positions, lifting a leg over the head and smacking that ass.   So a female easily influences the quality of sex and the male should not always be the one to blame if it isn’t up to par.

You can try your best in making fireworks in the bedroom but sometimes it just doesn’t work out.  If she wasn’t flexible, wasn’t vocal and it was hard getting her to move off her back then you could be dealing with dead fish syndrome, I hate to say it.  Try making the best out of a fishy situation and always give 100%.  If she isn’t close to hitting that 35% threshold chalk it up to a loss and a learning experience.  You can’t be too hard on yourself when at that point you’d rather get hard yourself.